Saturday, December 14, 2013

Spotter in Phuket

2013 December, The Long Trip - Thailand

This place is not as good as Saint Maartens but the runway at the Phuket airport is close to the beach too.

In order to find it you need to get near the airport, around 1km or less before the Terminal there is a road sign to the Sirinath National Park or The Perennial Resort. Sometimes, they charge 100 THB (1.2e) park fee. Park your vehicle near the entrance and go left following a pedestrian way.
Once it finishes keep going straight on the beach. At the end of the pedestrian way is  a sign about a restricted area but it doesn't apply to the beach. After the sign, pass a small stream and  walk to a place which is the best for spotters.


Before I went there I checked arrivals schedule on the airport website, which helped a lot to manage my time. It is also good to take an umbrella as the sun is strong. Around 200 meter before the runaway starts there is a hidden Tsunami memorial. It was hard to find it but it was worth it.
On the way back I visited a temple it was Wat Pra Thong.

 Turn here

National Park

Walk this way

The show starts

That's the place

Waiting for another one

Boeing 747 - 400

Tsunami Memorial

Somewhere there

Wat Pra Thong

Wat Pra Thong

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