Monday, September 30, 2013

2013 September Long Trip China

Long Trip - China Hangzhou - 27th September

During my flights I always want to take some photos of planes outside. Big airports gave me a few chances to try it.
When my plane was near Shanghai I saw a huge smog above the city. It was dark down there.
Once I landed and filled out an arrival card, after 20 minutes in the queue I was in China. My hostel was located in an old town of Hangzhou.
The cheapest way to get there is to take an underground from PVG airport to Hongqiao Railway Station, line number 4. I had 2 interchange in the meantime.
The first one was on Guanglan Road station and the second one on Songhong Road station. Ticket cost 8RMB and it took around 1 hour.
From Guanglam I took a train to Hangzhou East Railway station - almost 2 hours. I found extremely long queues to the train ticket counters, horrible experience.
A lot of Chinese people were elbowing their way to be the first one. This ticket cost 46.5 RMB. 
When I arrived to the city I took an underground to my station. ticet machines are in Chinese but have an English language too.
One policeman helped me to buy my ticket. I bought it and after crosing gates I realised that I need to go few stations further.
They explained me that I will pay the difference on the last station so I could continue with my ticket.
They don't speak good English but there are a lot people speaking a litle bit.
Hangzhou is very old city and in the past it was very rich.
There is a sky city and some districts with old buildings. The West Lake is a nice area for walks. It is important to watch out for cyclists and scooter riders as they don't respect pedestrians.
In the evening the Lake area is great. 

Lake area

My master :-)


Sunday, September 29, 2013

2013 September Long Trip China Hangzhou

2013 Long Trip China Hangzhou

As I have a limited access to Internet and there are a lot of nice places around - now only a few pictures from China.

Near my accommodation

Transport in China

Work or study??

west lake


Saturday, September 28, 2013

2013 September Long Trip Germany

Long Trip - Day 22 Surprises

I had a short stop over in Dubai and at about 8 am I was in London Heathrow. It was a foggy day but everybody knew that London is well prepared for it.
3 hours before my departure time they informed us that all passenger should have contacted BA customer care. It was already a big queue
I told them that I am already 1 day behind my schedule and they transfered myself to Lufthansa flight.
The problem was that fog was present at other European airports too so BA planes were delayed. BA gave me a voucher for food , 5 GBP, wow.
My Lufthansa flight was also almost 2 hours delayed. I left London before 2 pm and I was happy that I will rest a little bit soon.
In Dusseldorf I asked in the missing baggage counter if they had my luggage and they told me that it arrived that day at 2 pm.
It was really great news for me. 
At the terminal I spotted that a part of it is closed and police is taking care of it. Soon they asked everyone to leave the terminal so all people went outside.
They started to evacuate the airport. No one said why. I asked my friends to check for me what's going on but they couldn't find any information.
It was hard to catch any transport to the city so I walked around 1km and took a train S11.

The next day, in newspapers was information that they found unattended baggage. On X_ray it looked as it contained a few pipes. After research they found drugs inside.

That was a very long trip and a long day.

Now it is time to write some complaints and ask for some recommpensate.

On the way to London

On the way to London


In Dusseldorf

In Dusseldorf and all marks on my baggage

In Dusseldorf - evacuation

Friday, September 27, 2013

2013 September Long Trip - Sydney

Long Trip - Day 21 Long day in Sydney

I woke up after 3am to check in with Emirates. Qantas booked me the morning flight to Dubai and another flight to Dusseldorf the following day. Another night at the airport but closer to Germany.
Before check in I decided to ask at the service desk about my baggage. I wanted to make sure that I am on the list.
I wasn't........ they stopped the plane for a while as they promised me that I would be on the plane. In the meantime I was informed that they lost my baggage.
It was good an exercise for them as they spotted that when Qantas books a seat, it does not appear in Emirates system. However, it wasn't funny for me.
They almost printed a boarding card for me for the flight to Dubai but they couldn't print it for my flight to DUS.
As I'm from Poland I needed a visa to Dubai soo.... I stayed in Sydney and Emirates told me to contact Qantas.
It was enough for me especially when some people from Qantas weren't nice and suggested it was my fault.
At the end, one supervisor took care of me and my baggage. He booked me the Qantas flight to London and next day from London to Dusseldorf. I received a voucher 20 aud for breakfast and he promised me that everything should have been ok.
Of course, they were still looking for my baggage but they didn't ask to fill any form.

I went to Sydney as the weather was perfect - it was a sunny day and I had 8 hours to my flight.

When I returned to the airport I checked in with Qantas and received all boarding cards. Once I asked they gave me another voucher for my lunch, 20 aud.
They didn't find my baggage. 
A new supervisor told me that I should have filled in a form for my missing baggage but I was told not to worry and eventually to do it in Dusseldorf. 
He said that once the form was done, information appears on the system and if any scanner scans it it would automatically pop up.
So I boarded the plane aware I had no luggage.

So I am on the way to Germany on A380 -800. So far on the way. 

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