Saturday, October 20, 2012

18th October Peru (Lima)

We spent all day in Lima.
We decided to take a bus to the old town where we booked our hostel.
Unfortunately, the buses were fully packed and with our equipment it would be hard to get in. I know that local people managed but we were afraid so we took a taxi.

You need to be patient when it comes to taxi. The prices were different and usually much higher than they should be at first. We were in a hurry to meet with our friend so our price was 23 Soles. We were told it should be between 15 and 20.

We left our baggage in our hostel and took another taxi to Miraflores. It was good fun for me negotiating with taxi drivers. The highest price was 25 Soles and we paid 8 Soles. A good price is 10 Soles.

With our friend we walked and spent good time in this modern area. One could paraglide there, 10 min. 150 Soles.

Around 3pm we went by bus (1 Sole each) to the old town where we walked and enjoyed our last day.
Apart of what many people said about Lima I felt really safe there. The old town is a historical and very nice place. Every day at midday before the palace there is a guard change. Near the post office you can buy the old bank notes from Peru and souvenirs. Negotiating prices is something what you can practice here.

It was our last day and the end of this amazing holidays.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

17th October Easter Island - Peru (Lima)

It was our last day on Easter Island. The owner of the camping site allowed us to leave our baggage in the tent till 4pm. We went shopping and to see Ana Kai Tangata - petroglyphs near the airport.
It wasn't anything special but close to the town. We exchanged cash in Santander Bank. There are two banks but they told us that this one have a better exchange rate. In the port we saw a turtle eating fish
on the small beach -a nice view. I decided to go snoorkelling in the port close to the town centre. Local people told us that between 5 and 6 pm there should be many tourtles. Maybe, I'am a lucky guy because I was there at 2 pm and I saw many of them.
Close to the bank the water was dirty and I couldn't sea anything but further I saw five or more turtles. As usual, they impressed me.
We were at the airport at 4 pm and the best option would be to drop your baggage and go to the town for an hour. At the airport there is nothing to do and the town is 10 min walk away.
Now we are once more in Lima.
One day for shopping and soon going home.

16th October Chile (Easter Island)

We woke up at 6am as we booked transport to Tongariki to see a sunrise there. Everybody told us that it is the best place for it and it was indeed.
Of course, at 6.50 am, when we arrived, it was really cold. We spent about an hour or more trying to take the best picture.
Around 8 am we walked to the Anakena Beach, about 10 km. On the way, we saw a lot of cows and horses. As we read in the guide on the island there are almost 6000 people, 3000 horses and 3000 cows :)

The first stop was at Papa Vaka where we saw petroglyps. In the tourist information they told us that the best time to see it is just after the sunrise but we were there a little bit later.

Te Pito Kura was the next place we visited.
A ruined platform with Moai figures. Once I saw the place, the first question was whether someone tries to protect it or is it left abandoned. No one could answer as we were alone there.
Nearby, there is a 'magnetic' stone but our batteries are still ok :)

Anakena is a paradise beach where local people are going for picnics. You can find there a platform with Moai wearing Pukao (red topknots).
A really nice place.

On the way back, we found a taxi home saving time,we ate something and walked to the Ahu A Kivi, another platform with 7 Moai in a good condition (restored).

We returned to the camping around 9pm. We were offered a lift by local man so once more we save some time.

It was a very long day.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

15th October Easter Island

In the morning we ordered a taxi to Rano Raraku. The most amazing place on the island. This is a volcanic hill were they were creating Moai. Inside are a lot of figures, only few in a bad condition. They were in different stadiums of transportation from the querry to various platforms. Some of them were left unfinished at the top of the hill.

On pictures we saw how big their are. Unfortunately, at present you can see only parts of Moai. The rest of it is underground.

We bought a quidebook about Easter Island which was a good idea because without this book or a guide, we wouldn't get to know few facts or spot few interesting figures.
There are still parts of the National Park with forbidden entrance for visitors.
When we went to the crater we saw in the distance many figures but we couldn't get there.

After 3 hours in the National Park we went to Tongariki, the biggest platform with Moai. We decided that this will be the best place for sunrise. This place was reconstructed after tsunami by Japanese engineers and their big crane.

We walked to the town. There were very good local people which gave as a lift.
We stopped for a while at the place called Akahanga and Vaihu to see devastated Moai platforms.

The sun went down before 9pm and we managed to get to the town before it.

We saw an amazing spectacle near the Tahai platform close to the town of Hanga Roa.

14th October Chile (Easter Island)

The flight was at 1:20 am from Lima. 6 hours went quickly, they served good meal and I've watched a movie and slept a little bit.
It was dark when we landed on Easter Island. Before the immigration control there is a possibility to buy a ticket to Orongo and Rano Raraku. The rest of attractions is for free. The ticket costs $50 at the airport. If you want to buy it while entering the sites it will cost $30 each. We bought the ticket at the airport. I visited all places. In my opinion, Orongo has nothing to offer as the same houses I found in others places.

At the airport were few people offering accommodation. The cheapest option was camping. There are two of them and the price is the same. We stayed in Tipanie Moana. A nice owner, unfortunately, it is close to the airport but far away from the town and in the early morning rosters make so much noise you cannot sleep.
It is good to ask if there are any others costs involved like wi-fi, battery charging, and so on.

In the church is an interesting mass at 9 am with catholic songs in a local language (Rapa Nui).

After the mass we went to Orongo. The way uphill was picturesque and we enjoyed it. Close to this place is a crater with a lake inside. It's worth viewing. In my opinion, Orongo wasn't worth $25. There were houses where the native people used to live in. Also the Birdman Ceremony took place in this village.

On the way back we saw the first Moai. In the port we observed how they caused the ship.

We watch few figures close to the town and went to the campsite as we were really tired.

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