Thursday, March 20, 2014

Horton Plains

2014, February - The Long Trip, Sri Lanka - World End

Not too far from Nuwara Eliya (28 km) lies the Horton Plains National Park. The entrance fee was 2500 LKR (13.66e) including small fees for a car and a local person as a driver. It is worth waking up early to get there for a sunrise. After passing a gate, where we bought tickets, we went to the main park entrance by car. Our driver decided to stay in the car and we went for a walk to the End of the World. At the entrance our luggage was checked and all plastic bags removed (paper bags were given). On the way we saw endemic monkeys (purple faced leaf monkey) and many birds. On the way to World's End we passed The Small World's End with breathtaking views.  We spent there almost the whole day. It is also a place in which local people spend weekends too so it is better to be there in the morning as it might get crowded later on. In the afternoon, weather changed and clouds covered the whole area.  


A few minutes after sunrise

Small world end

Purple faced leaf monkey

Purple faced leaf monkey

Toilet with a view

Bakers Waterfall

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