Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2013 February Finland Helsinki


The way home  required a overnight stay in Helsinki.
The airport has a good connection to the city.  24 hours 
bus ticket is a good option. Free wi-fii at and lockers for baggage can be found at the airport. A lot of people spend a night there waiting for another flight. I managed to visit Helsinki both in the evening and the next day in the morning as my plane was in the afternoon and I had the 24 hours ticket. The city has a lot of old buildings. I visited Suomenlinna Island too where is an old fort.

2013 February Finland

Winter sports and Northern Lights

Near the town is a hill and  Ounasvaara sport centre. They have many of cross-country skiing routes and downhill skiing aviable.
They have  good deals of renting equipment and they offer downhill’s for all people from beginners up to very experiences ones. 
The Northern Lights is a different story. Unfortunately, at this short period we didn't have any luck with weather conditions. The sky wasn’t clear and the sun was inactive. We found a good spot outside the city where was completely dark and we had a clear view for the horizon. Unfortunately, every night the sky was covered with clouds only.
There is a good page to check the forecast for Northern Lights


Monday, June 10, 2013

2013 February Finland Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village

This is a place for both adults and children. It is open till 5 pm and there are  shuttle busses provided  from the town. The place is located near the airport. The post office allows you to send postcards either at that time you are there or for Christmas. You have two mailboxes. Most of attractions are free but if you want to have a picture with Santa Claus you need to pay for it. You can rent cross-country skis, snowmobiles or go for reindeers safari. There is a snow bar in a shape of igloo with drinks in ice glasses too. There are restaurants, shops  and many paths.  The village is located on the northern circle. The line is marked and highlighted. In the night the place was amazing. Everything is lid and charming. During the night the temperature is lower than during the day but still it is necessary to visit this place in the evening or at night.

2013 February Finland


The plan was simple. Visitting Santa Clause Village and trying to see the Northern Lights. We landed in Helsinki and then we had a flight with Norwegian Airlines to Rovaniemi. The first surprise was that they provide free wi-fi on board. Rovaniemi was a small town with a tiny airport. The trip was short so the car was needed. As it was winter there was no chance to camp. Near the centre we found Hostel Rudolf. It was the cheapest place to stay.

Everybody said that Finland is quite expensive. The accommodation was expensive, but renting a car cost the same as in the rest of Europe, eating out as well as shopping in supermarkets was quite cheap.
Around 80 km from Rovaniemi there is Ranua Wildlife Park, entrance  fee 15 euros. www.ranuazoo.com
They have ‘winter’ animals and it is worth seeing.  There wasn’t a lot of people.
On the way back, near the main road, were wild reindeers. After few minutes of driving. I wasn’t sure if they are wild as they weren't scared of people and came close to our parked car which was good for me as I could take some photos.
Winter in Rovaniemi was the real one. Everywhere was a lot of snow, even roads were white.

Nico and Reindeer Nico

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