Sunday, September 30, 2012

30th September Peru (Lima)


Our plane was 1 hour late. We have 7 hours time difference between Lima and Berling time. Now here is 12:23 and in Berlin 19:23

On the plane we needed to fill in some papers. The passport control wasn't so detailed and we thought that they would check our laguagge but they didn't. 

At the airport there was a huge queue to baggage drop point. Before this queue we printed our bording passes. 

On the second level there is a Peru information office. If you are there during the week thwy can help you with booking tickets to Machu Picchu and within 6 hours you can pay for it in the national bank branch. Unfortunately, we are here on Sunday.

We went outside to eat something. Near the airport there is a shopping centre and we ate there. From the airport there are taxies but outside there is a bus stop. The bus to the San Miguel Shopping centre costs 1 Sole.

Some buses are on the photos. Using the buses would be a kind of adventure...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

29th September Malta - Spain (Madrid)


As usual rayanair flight was before scheduled time in Madrid. This timetable is never correct. They inform that your flight will arrive at 12:30 but they know that it will be ealier. That's why they have so many on time flights. 

Underground to the city centre is on terminal 2 close there are lockers for baggage. It costs 4.95 euro per day. Underground to the 'SOL' takes 40 min. It is very easy.

The first nice place was 'Plaza Mayor' and Casa de la Panderia.

We walked to the Catedral de la Almudena where was a wedding mass, the impresive Palace Real and Plaza de Espana where was an health event and we were given 'healthy' drinks.
From there we walked Gran Via, a very famous one, on the cross with the Alcala street there is a very famuos and impresive building 'Metropolis'. From there we walked to National Prado Museum, which was open for free from 6 till 8 pm. Unfortunately, despite the fact that there was a hudge demonstration the queue to the museum was very long.

Now at the Madrid airport, our flight at 11:55 is delayed ... Is due to be at 1:15 am

Thursday, September 27, 2012



Over one thousand years old city is located on the north of Poland, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. There are many flight connections to European countries.
The old city centre is very close to the main railway station – 20 min walk. The second option is to use a tram or a bus, the journey takes only one bus/tram stop. In the past, Gdansk was a very rich city. Many traders had built their houses and residences here.
The old Gdansk was surrounded by a wall and many gates as entrances to the city. Now, only those gates remained. As a rich city Gdansk had a Golden Gate which was the main one. Close to it, there is the Torture Chamber and everyone who entered the city could see sentenced people. It was good enough to warn criminals. Nowadays, there is museum inside and inside the tower is a museum of amber. The Dluga street is the main street in the old city and it leads you to the Town Hall and the Green Gate at the end. You can enter the Town Hall.  From the tower are amazing panoramic views. Near the Town Hall, there is the Neptune Fountain – very famous. The legend says that in the old times from the Neptune vodka was coming and they decided to fence the fountain. There are a lot of famous tenement houses as the Gold House, the Ferber’s House. Behind the Green Gate is river Motlawa, there are small ships to Westerplatte, Sopot and Hel not Hell :-)
Walking by the Motlawa river , you will find many gates. One of them is a very well known – the Mariacka Gate. The same name has a beautiful old paved street and the church. During the day there are many stands with amber. When the sun goes down, it is one of the most romantic place with pubs.
There are many more places worth visitting – maybe next time.    


Saturday, September 22, 2012



From the Wroclaw airport is a direct bus to the city centre. The ticket costs 3PLN (less than 1 euro). The exchange office at the airport have the worst rates so it is good to exchange only 10euros and the rest somewhere in the city. The exchange office in Poland is called ‘KANTOR’ and there shouldn’t be any commission.
Wroclaw is a city of dwarves. In 2001, first small dwarfs figurines appeared. The current dwarves were started being placed in 2005 and are growing now. In the main square (old city centre) there is a possibility to buy a map with all dwarves. Children have fun searching for them but adults too.
Before the flight to Wroclaw you can visit the website and print a map.

From Wroclaw to Warsaw there is a railway or bus.
Railway website:
Bus I will suggest the POLSKI BUS – website:
The POLISH BUS is a new transport company, they have new buses with wi-fii, and they are very cheap and always on time.

Raiway station

Old Town

ATM for Dwarves


Thursday, September 13, 2012


Summer time in Malta is the season for feasts and fireworks. This is an old tradition here which involves all families. They collect money for the whole year and they try to prepare the best fireworks show. There are a lot of different opinions about it. On one side this is a kind of tradition and a big attraction for tourists but it is also a big problem for people leaving close to the show with small children or animals. From time to time there are some accidents and it pollutes air.
Lastly, I was in Sliema and I was very impressed by the show. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

2012_08_Malta Kayaking

Malta is an amazing place to do different sport activities. Unfortunately, they usually offer boat trips or fishing trips. There aren’t a lot of places where you can rent a kayak or windsurfing equipment.

A good place for kayaking is the Paradise Bay, near Cirkewwa. I usually travel by bus. There are few buses from Valletta no. 42 and 41. From Sliema there is a bus no. 222 and from Qawra there is a bus no. 221. The bus stop is near the Paradise Bay Resort Hotel. From the hotel it is around 15 min walk to this picturesque place. The kayak costs 5 euros/hour for a single and 8 euros/hour for a double one. The price includes a life jacket and they have boxes for your mobile or a camera if you need. From the Paradise Bay in two hours you can get to the Popeye Village. On the way there are places where you can have a small rest and snorkel. Lastly we saw an octopus. 

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