Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012 June Malta

Fort St. Angelo

I have had a possibility to see Fort St Angelo before it was closed for restoration for 3 years.
This fort is located in Birgu at the end of harbour, near the Casino the Venecia.
It was a sunny day in June 2012 but many Maltese people decided to go there. The entrance was free and every 30 min there was a guided tour. I was so lucky – when I arrived it was 5 min to next tour the one in English. There was a lot of people but the guide was good. Inside the fort was the old building, residence of Maltese knights and a small chapel. Near this chapel Caravaggio was imprisoned. In one of the old building was a multimedia presentation of the fort.

In three years time I hope to see and show how the fort will have changed.

Way to the Fort

Entrance to the Fort
Place where Caravaggio was imprisoned
Place where Caravaggio was imprisoned

Entrance to the Upper St. Angelo - Sovereigb Military Order of Malta

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