Monday, December 16, 2013

Cambodia - Battambang part one

2013 December, The Long Trip, Cambodia - Battambang

I stayed in 'Here Be Dragons' and I can say that it is a nice place. If you want to get to the bamboo train a tuktuk is needed. Return trip costs 5 USD and bamboo train ride costs 5 USD per person.
We were 3 people so we decided to take a tuktuk for the whole day. The price was 20 USD.
I tried to find my way to bamboo train but I couldn't find anything, so I quess the best option is to take a tuktuk.
It was around 15 minutes ride from the city.
We stopped near the train station where a lot of carts were waiting for passangers. There was a policeman who charged us 5 USD per person and they started preparing our 'train'.
It was only one track so each time when another cart was coming from the opposite side someone needed to get off, take the cart from the track and put it on the grass, give way and once more get on the track:-)
During our trip we did this exercise a couple of times. After 7 km we arrived at O'Sralau village where they gave us 10 minutes break. There are souvenirs stalls and a lot of small children handing small, handmade gifts. They also offered to guide us to the small rice factory. They said that it is for free but at the end they asked for small cash to support their education.
I told them that free is free so they gave up and tried with girls:-)
When we came back I asked our bamboo train driver to come back.
We had a small stop to see people fishing while standing in water and we arrived at the beginning.
The track was in a very bad condition but everything worked well:-)

They asked for a tip for the driver but we paid for a ride.
This is a big problem in this country - everywhere everybody keeps asking for tips for everything  they give you high price for almost everything.

Road to Bamboo Train station


Let's go :-)

Another bamboo train

Give way...

The track

The track




Rice factory

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