Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2013 January UK London


This year I had a good opportunity to visit this metropolitan city a few times.
It was a long time since I was here last time.
All London airports are well connected with the centre. From Heathrow is connected by underground. From Gatwick, Luton or Stansted are buses ‘National Express’ or ‘Easy Bus’.
The journey from all airports takes around 1h and 30 minutes.
A good option to travel in London is to use Oyster card. The deposit is 5GBP and you only need to top it up. I paid for underground, busses and trains in the London with it. Each zone has maximum cost of using. I was staying in 4th zone and they charged me GBP7.50 daily max. Each trip once I reached the amount was free of charge.
London hasn’t changed, maybe the business part has changed as they built few new skyscrappers. In London, most of the museums is free of charge. Donations are welcome but never mandatory. The best option is to visit them during the week as on weekends locals are visitting them too.
In few underground stations musicians are playing and singing. The life music can be found in the Covent Garden too. A good place to eat is Soho – China town. All parks during lunch time or weekends are occupied by people eating lunch or drinking beers and chatting. During summer time, every day at 11:15 at the Buckingham Palace, the ceremony of changing guards takes place and  it is worth seeing it. Near the London Bridge is the Dickson Pub – the oldest pub in London. The Bakery underground station is famous because of Sherlock Holmes, his museum and pub is near this station.

I really recommend an evening walk near the river of Thames

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