Friday, February 25, 2011

2011 February - Malta

Walk to Fomm Ir-Rih

With our Couch Surfing group we met in Rabat. Our local friends took us near St. Martin Village in the west part of Malta. 

That Sunday there were many Maltese people. We parked our cars and started the trip to the Fomm ir-Rih Bay. From the geological point of view, the place might be interesting – for me was amazing. 

We walked near steep cliffs, near a really smooth wall and between the stones. On the beach we found a stone heart and clear water like everywhere else.

It was a nice day, but still too cold to swim. In the water there were many jelly fish. We found equipment from a boat; probably sea was giving back a ship wrack. On the way back I found many stone shells. 

Walk from Bahrija to Blata tal-Melh

Next Sunday in a small group of our friends we decided to go back to see a place near Fomm ir-Rih Bay and in the small stream we tried to find a crab, but I didn’t find any. 

Our friends decided to show us nice countryside, and we entered a private area, but they told us that everything is under control, so we weren’t worried. They want to show us a very nice place between Ras ir-Raheb and Il-Blata, but they forgot how to get there. 

So we tried to go down, walked through the private area and were looking for a way down. Finally we decided to make our own patch down. 

The way wasn’t really easy but when we got there, the place was like something really wonderful. There were smooth big stones looking like big balls

The cliff was smooth also but the ground was cut by water and wind. But there was something really strange - forgotten stairs going to the sea. 

And we found another stairs going up and when we followed them we found a small hut probably for fishermen with all cooking equipment.

Near these stairs there was a memorial of Carmelo Micallef who probably died there. We spent there good time and we saw a really nice sunset.

Libyans people on the Malta Airport
The 2011 will be in our minds because there were many politic protest in the world. It started in Tunisia, then Egypt and now probably the worst things are happening in Libya.

Now I live in Malta which is the nearest country to Libya. About 20th of February two Libyan Mirage fighters landed on the Malta International Airport. The pilots told that they escaped from Libya, because they didn’t opened fire from aircrafts to the protesting people and they decided to ask for asylum in Malta. 

But some of Maltese people thing that it was a test for a Maltese air defense and Kaddafi would attack Maltese Islands. Few days later all world was prepared to evacuate its citizens from Libya. 

They decided to build an air bridge between Libya and Malta. On the 24th February on the Malta airport landed an another plane from Libya. The U.S rented a ship to take citizens to Malta and then by plane transport them to America. Germany sent 3 battle ships to evacuate people from Libya. And of course near the airport there was a manifest about ‘Free Libya’. 

There were people from Libya who talked about what happened there and asked for help. 

On Sunday, 27th February there were few ships in the harbor  and others were on the way to or from Libya. 

More than 2000 of the Chinese were waiting on the ship for a plane to their country. 

This day, the first Chinese left the ship and went by the bus to the airport. They had only this staff which they gathered while packing in a hurry.

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