Saturday, September 3, 2011

2011 August - Mosta Feast

The Feast in Mosta

On the 15th August there is Sant of St. Mary celebrated in Mosta, Rabat, Luga and I don’t remember where else. The day before there is a main ceremony with the fireworks. This time I visited Mosta.

I was there at about 1 pm to visit everything before the big crowd. The main street was decorated with blue and yellow colours. On poles were suspended flags and canvas pictures. On the special columns were figures of saints. 

On the roof there were many big flags. Near the Mosta church, where usually is a parking place, they put ground fireworks. About ten big poles with big and complicated construction of fireworks. 

There were different constructions, one was a ball, another had many small fireworks and there was one which has very big. 

Church was decorated which many bulbs but during the day it wasn’t spectacular. In front of the church they built a scene for the musicians and everywhere were small stalls with Maltese nugats and other sweets. 

Where usually was a parking place on the main street, it was a space reserved for catering. I decided to visit this place before the 11pm.
I used new public transport to get to Mosta once more. All centre of the town was closed even for the buses. There was a detour and the bus stop was about 400m from the church. When I traveled by bus from the window I observed sky fireworks which were really amazing.

While walking to the church I saw many people seating near the pubs or clubs, eating, drinking and talking. All Maltese were well dressed and tourists looked like tourists. These 400m meters took me long time. 

There were many nice decorations and it was so crowded. During the evening time the church looked incredible. It was lit by hundred lights. 

Close to me was a musical band. I was there at 10.30 p.m. The ground fireworks started before midnight. For sure it was worth waiting and it was a good idea to be there after 10 pm. At the beginning someone introduced the show. Unfortunately, only in Maltese. 

And then one by one, they started the show. It was so exciting and so polluted. They shimmered in green, blue and red colour creating shapes. The whole show took about 40 min and I decided to walk home.

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