Monday, December 3, 2012

2012 December Algeria

 I was planning to go there for more than a year as I am working for a company which has a business there. In November, we started  applying for my business visa to Algeria. It took more than 3 weeks but I got it. My flight was from Gatwick to Hassi Messaoud. 3 hours flight passed quickly for me. I saw another plane somewhere on the horizon. All the way, it was cloudy but when we were above Algeria I saw the desert. Near our destination I saw the oil rigs. The airport is a small one but the board control is very scrupulous. The road leading to our base is safe but there are police check points. They told me that the area is quite safe but I can’t go outside alone. J One day, I visited the town, we took a circus road. Everywhere you will find defending walls, all companies located here have own guards and the desert is really dirty, a lot of rubbish are near the road. I was travelling only nearby the town, probably a little bit further the desert is nicer. Around there are oil rigs and you can see the fire and fumes from here. During the day the temperature is around 18 or 22 degrees but nights are very cold, even freezing cold. Near the road there are small ‘shops’.  Maybe next time I will be able to show something more about this amazing experience.


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