Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sunset at Shwe-san-daw Pagoda

2014 January, The Long Trip - Myanmar, Bagan

We spent another day in Bagan visiting temples - surprise, surprise:-) What else can be done in Bagan:-)?
But it was another amazing day. 
An entrance fee of either 10 USD or 10,000.00 MMK or 10 Euro for tourists has to be paid. We hitchhiked from one temple to another, what was quite easy - even for more than 2 people. In every place we saw there were shops. Apart of that there were people trying to sell sapphires or rubies. We almost made a deal with one of them. In my opinion, all products are fake because they were selling it near a policeman and they agree on a very low price if you bargain. 
The last stop was at Shwe-san-daw Pagoda which is the most amazing spot for sunset. My friends told me that one policeman checked their tickets but when I entered it, no one asked me for a ticket. 
The top level was the best though, very crowded.

Mail box

Public phone box

Do you wanna buy something from me?

Ananda Temple

Soon it will be a bottle opener

Bath time

Shwe-san-daw Pagoda

View from Shwe-san-daw Pagoda

I was arrested:-)

Our transport

View from Shwe-san-daw Pagoda

Shwe-san-daw Pagoda sunset

Shwe-san-daw Pagoda people waiting for sunset

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