Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sunrise at Shwe-san-daw Pagoda

2014 January, The long Trip - Myanmar -Bagan

It was time to see the sunrise in Bagan. A lot of people want to visit Bagan to see the sunrise. We woke up early and at the street we found a one way 2,500 MMK (2.5USD). We expected something amazing and we found it there. After the sun went up some people started slowly going back to hotels - we stayed and we saw balloons. They were flying with the rising sun in the background and it was spectacular. On the way back, tourist police helped us to stop a car and we went for free to our hostel.
The rest of our day we spent visiting more temples and places around Bagan.

Waiting for sunrise

Spectacular sunrise

Amazing moment

Tourist police

Always Coca Cola at Su-la-me-ni Pagoda :-)

Hti-lo-min-lo Temple

Long Neck Ladies

An idea how not to freeze on the bus because of AC

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