Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Son - Hoi An

2013 December, The Long Trip - Vietnam, My Son

It was hard to find a way how to get there on my own. There is an option to rent a scooter but in Vietnam you need to apply for Vietnamese driving licence as the international one is not valid.
I took a tour and I chose a bus plus a boat, what cost 140,000.00 VND (4.8e). They picked me up from my hostel the following day. The bus was full and the guide tried to be a funny guy.
An extra cost of 100,000.00 VND (3.4e) was an entrance fee to My Son (Mi San - Beautiful Mountain).'re there on your own, it costs 100,000.00 VND (3.4e) to hire a guide. It is a big complex but not as huge an Angkor in Cambodia. The French discovered it and worked on recounstraction. During the Vietnamese war temples were destroyed by bombs as Vietcong soldiers were hiding inside them.
We spent there around 2 hours and we went to our boat where we have small lunch. We visited Cam Kim Village which was full of boat builders and sculptors. They also did shell ornamentation on wooden elements which was amazing.

Bridge to My Son

My Son

On the boat

Cam Kim Village

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