Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mandalay - Burma

2014 January, The Long Trip - Burma, Mandalay

I heard a lot of different stories about Burma so it was time for me to check them myself.
My plane arrived on time and as it was suggested by my friend who came to Yangon a week earlier I exchanged my good quality dollars. It was my first surprise. They accept Euros, SGD, GBP and especially for this flight they provided exchange for THB. The exchange rate outside the terminal in Mandalay was slightly better. The best deal was offered by the owner of one guest house where we stayed. Unfortunately, they exchanged only US Dollars and the rate was 1 USD = 1000 MMK. From the airport to Mandalay I took a taxi and the price was 12,000 MMK (12 USD). The driver was happy to go for 10,000.00 MMK and I shared it with 3 more people. I met my friends in Mandalay and we started travelling together.
We booked a night train, ordinary class to Bagan for 4,000.00 MMK each (4USD) and we went to see a temple with a big statue of buddha - Muhamuni Buddha Temple. Afterwards, we went by taxi 10,000.00 MMK to an old wooden bridge U Bein's Bridge. A driver and his 2 assistants were waiting for us until the sun went down. We saw an amazing sunset there. In the evening we went by train to Bagan. We had ordinary class seats and it was a kind of experience. We were the only foreigners there.

Welcome to Myanmar

Train ticket

Muhamuni Buddha Temple

Muhamuni Buddha Temple

Local people, men = no trousers

U Bein's Bridge

U Pain Bridge

U Bein's Bridge

Railway station in Mandalay

Ordinary class 

Upper class

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