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Hoi An to Hue

2013 December, The Long Trip - Vietnam - a way from Hoi An to Hue

Vietnam is a place where you can find a lot of fake clothes. The North Face is very popular and Hoi An was the cheapest place to buy it. It is up to you whether to buy it or not. Evenings in Hoi An were amazing and the place was great but it was time to move to another location.
From the bus terminal on the Le Hong Phong street, 20 minutes walk from the center, the bus number 1 is going to Danang every 30 minutes. It costs 18,000.00 VND (0.62e) and the price is displayed next to the front door of the bus.
When I was close to the bus I saw that the driver stood up and hang his jacket covering prices. Another bus was there so I stopped and took a photo of ticket fees. At the same time other guy told me that to hurry because the bus was leaving. It wasn't and it was only a game. They didn't have any chance to charge me more than 18,000.00 but I know that they charge tourists more. In Danang I was after 40 minutes ride, maybe 1 hour and the stop was near the railway station.
There are 3 trains per day to Hue and the journey was nice but the weather wasn't good so I couldn't admire beatiful landscapes from my window. The ticket cost 93,000.00 VND (3.2e).

Hoi An by night

Hoi An - One Dollar photo

Hoi An bus number 1 to Danang

Bus number 1 nad the fare

Danang train station

Danang - waiting room

Danang - my train

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