Monday, January 27, 2014

Festival in Ananda Temple - Bagan

2014 January, The Long Trip - Myanmar, Bagan

We arrived in Bagan at 5 am. There were a lot of taxi drivers offering transport to the town. The price was incredibly high so we made it clear we go for 4000 MMK (4 USD) and waited until someone decided to pick us up. No one did so we started walking to the town. On the main road where local people were waiting for a local bus one driver agreed to take us to Nyaung-U where we found a hostel. The same day we went to see some temples as Bagan is famous for them. During our stay in Bagan there was a festival and people from all the country visited Bagan with some gifts to Buddha. The main temple was the Ananda Temple with a long table with all gifts for Buddha. We were surprised as we were able to hitchhike from one temple to another. People were extremely friendly and happy that we decided to travel with them. In the afternoon it was time to go to Mt. Popa -a very famous place. A taxi driver agreed to go there for 28,000.00 MMK (28 USD) and waited for us until the sunset. 

Nyaung-U by night

Nyaung-U during the day

At the Temple

Happy Monks:-)

Ananda Temple

Our transport to another temple:-)

Taxi to Mt. Popa


On the way to the top of Mt. Popa

Waiting for a sunset

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