Thursday, January 23, 2014


2014 January, The Long Trip - Thailand, Ayutthaya - the old town

At 8:20 from the Hua Lamphong Train Station I took a train to Ayutthaya. Trains depart every hour and the ticket costs between 15 and 20 THB (0.33 - 0.44e) - depends on the the train. It was a second class ticket (a hard seat). The journey took about 2 hours. At the train station there is a tourist information providing some brochures and free maps of the town. Nearby there is a restaurant owned by a foreigner and his Thai wife. They serve good food and rent bicycles for 40 (0.89e) THB per day. Afterwards, I saw a few places with bicycles for 35 THB. For the first time, I saw a special protection for a front bicycle basket, what is a smart idea to protect your valuables. 
Ayutthaya is famous for old temples and one Buddha head overgrown by banyan tree roots. Small temples are free of charge but the main ones have an entrance fee 50 THB (1.12e) each.
In my opinion, one day is enough for a visit, especially, when you rent a scooter instead of a bicycle.  

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