Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hoi An, Bicycle and Shell Boat

2013 December, The Long Trip - Vietnam, around Hoi An

It is a good option to rent a bicycle. On the free map are some information about routes. The best place to go is the Coconut Palm Trees Forest. It is located on the island nearby with an easy access by many bridges. 

I paid 20,000.00 VND (0.7e) for a bicycle rental. Once more it was perfect idea. The best place to rent a shell boat I found near Hoi An Eco Discovery Tours. The area is flat - there is no need to have a super bicycle. And there weren't a lot of tourists. I bargained a 30 minutes ride for 100,000.00 VND for 2 people (3.4e) and it was fantastic. The truth is that the guy asked us if we want to do it and he guided us to the place. There was a price for 45 minutes but we asked for 30 minutes and got a discount. After our trip we saw a women with other tourists in a boat but she wasn't as active as our guy. He moved our boat back and forth, spinned it around. It was so funny.
There are places to visit for 2 or even 3 days and it's worth renting a bicycle.

Going to Coconut Palm Trees Forest

Nead a petrol?

Coconut Palm Trees Forest

Coconut Palm Trees Forest

I am sailor...

Me and my boat :-)

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