Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hanoi - B52 and Water Puppet Show

2014 January, The Long Trip - Vietnam, City of Hanoi

I went for a walk to the West lake to see Tran Quoc Pagoda. It was closed but I had enough of pagodas so it was a good idea to see it only from outside. Near the lake were many fishermen. It seemed there were plenty of fish because they were successful almost every few minutes.
I also heard that in one lake you can find half-sunk an American bomber B52. It was easy to find this place as there is a museum of B52. It is located on Doi Can street. Unfortunately, the B52 is no longer in the lake. It was moved to the museum. They are very proud that they have this bomber here.

In the evening it was time for Thang Hong Water Puppet Theatre. It became a tourist must see attraction so it's better to buy tickets in advance. What's so special about it is that the scene is actually a pond full of water! An hour long show consisted of short episodes depicting village life or some old legends.Puppets were mostly wooden. Some of them were playing tricks, ie. swimming, spitting water, spinning and so on. The artists behind the scene are very talented. I believe it must be hard to control those puppets from behind bamboo mats. 

Tran Quoc Pagoda

The B52 is here


Thang Hong Puppet Theatre

Thang Hong Puppet Theatre

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