Monday, January 20, 2014

Halong Bay part II

2014 January, The Long Trip - Vietnam, Halong Bay

More pictures from Halong Bay.
It was hard to find information about the cheapest way to see it. Everybody kept saying that they decided to take a more expensive trip instead of the cheapest one. I took the cheapest option and it was enough for me. A half a day trip during which I visited the most important places and one cave.
To get back to Hanoi, firstly, I took a bus number 3 to the Bus Terminal Bai Chay which cost 7,000.00 VND (0.24 e). Buses or minivans going to Hanoi can be found both inside the bus station and parked arround it. Once more, better check everything before you sit on your seat on the bus as even if they sell you a ticket to one terminal the bus will go to a place marked on the front window. The same day I went to the airport in Hanoi as the next day in the morning was my flight to Thailand.

The rock is on the 200,000VND bank note

Fisherman house


Boat terminal

Bus no. 3 to Bai Chay

The street near the Bai Chay Terminal 

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