Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Way to Hikkaduwa and the bus story

2014 February, The long Trip - Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa

On my way to Sri Lanka with Air Asia our pilot was so kind that he pointed to us the volcano eruption at Java Island. I arrived in Sri Lanka in the morning. At the airport I bought an Internet sim card Etisalat. No calls, just 1 GB Internet for 300 LKR (1.67e) top up another 1 GB costs me 200 LKR (1.11e). I wanted to take a free bus to the main bus stop but local people convinced me that it was not too expensive to take a highway bus to Colombo for 130 LKR (0.72e) it was a fast ride as it was via motorway. It was easy to take a bus from Colombo to Hikkaduwa for another 130 LKR (0.72e). After a few stops the bus was full and after another 30 minutes there wasn't any space inside. In the middle of the ride we had a flat tire. Luckily, tire stations are almost everywhere. It took a few minutes and we were back on the way. To change the second flat tire it wasn't as fast as the first one. It was funny to see all local people observing how they were doing this. In Hikkaduwa I was almost in time to watch the sunset - it was a long day.

Waiting for my plane

Volcano on Java Island

Welcome to Sri Lanka

Bus to Colombo

Bus to Hikkaduwa

First flat tire

Second flat tire

Local people

Green turtle - tomorrow

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