Sunday, February 9, 2014

Islands near AoNang

2014 January, The Long Trip - Thailand, snorkeling

The last day I was snorkeling near AoNang. Once more I went with divers. That time the trip cost me 500 THB (11.25e) and it started at 8:30 am. We visited 3 places and the last one was the shark point. It was quite funny as we were looking for a blacktip shark. Generally, when you hear anything about shark you try to find your way out of the water but we were searching and looking for him. We found one but he was too far to take a picture. I hope to have a chance to do it in a different place. In the water was a lot of jelly fish, clams and many kind of fish.
On the way back I was standing on a pickup.

Diver going into the water


Anemonefish (Nemo)

Sea Urchin


Shark point

Way back on pickup

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