Friday, February 7, 2014

West Railay near Krabi

2014 January, The Long Trip - Thailand, West Railay

I took a local bus (pick up) to AoNang for 50 THB (1.12e) which is a good place with long, sandy beaches and many pubs and restaurants. They also provide a boat service to West Railay Bay.
After few hours in AoNang I took a boat for 100 THB (2.24e) to Railay West Bay where I enjoyed snorkeling. It was much better than the last one but still not a perfect one. Nothing more to say - just look at the pictures.

Beach in AoNang

Railway West Bay

Railway West Bay - boat service

Tonsai Beach- balancing

Tonsai Beach :-)

Railway West - snorkeling

Railway West - clam

Krabi - transport :-)

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