Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mandalay Airport

2014 January, The Long Trip - Myanmar - Mandalay

When I checked all information about Myanmar I found that this is place is kind of military place or regime place. I was at the airport before 6 am because my bus from Inle Lake arrived so early. I took a taxi for 12,000 MMK (12 USD) from the bus terminal to the airport. I was surprised because of people working (sleeping) inside opened the door for me and I could rest and sleep inside. Wi-fi worked fine. Emigration and baggage control went smoothly and I was waiting for my plane. Either didn't they check if I had any rubies or sapphires or they did it in the way I didn't spot it. Near the gates were some shops and bars where they accepted card payments. Unfortunately, they had own exchange rate when you pay in US Dollars or by card.
I wish I'm back there soon as I didn't explore it.
If someone has time in April and would like to join me - let me know.

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