Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kecil - snorkeling long trip

2014 February, The Long Trip - Malaysia, Snorkeling

It was a good idea that trips start at 10:00 am as I had time for breakfast without hurry. Those trips included a visit to the Coral Garden, the Shark Point, the Turtle Point, the Fishing village for lunch, the lighthouse and the Romantic Beach. The trip cost from 30 till 35 MYR (6.60 - 7.70e).
On that day water wasn't so clear and there was a lot of jellyfish. I had a T-shirt and I was fine but some people were afraid of them. The Coral Garden was amazing with a lot of fish and corals. I spotted a lot of anemonefish. The next point was the shark point with black tipped sharks. I saw one but the water wasn't so clear and he was about 10 m. from me. The turtle point was crazy as we were following other boat and chasing one turtle. Lunch time was an hour break in the village and the lunch wasn't included in the trip - some people were surprised. The lighthouse was a place where everybody could jump into the water or just swim and see the corals. Unfortunately, the current was very strong. The last point was the Romantic Beach with amazing corals.

Breakfast at Senja restaurant



Green turtle




Blacktip shark


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