Thursday, October 31, 2013

2013 October, Long Trip - China, Beijing

2013 October, Long Trip - China, Beijing

I met local people and they told me where is a market I can buy all kinds of electronic equipment. 
Firstly I visited a TV building and I went by underground number 5 to Tiantandongmen.
They told me also to be polite and bargain a lot. If something costs 1000 RMB I should pay for it around 10 max 20 RMB. It was the last day so I knew already that this is true.
It is a tourist place. Near the underground station I met people from USA and inside many more foreigners. They pay more than I do. That's why it is so hard to bargain now.
But I got a good price for SD card. Other people I met told me that they bought speakers last year and they're still working.

The building has 4 floors with different accessories on each one. There are clothes, souvenirs, bags, gold and electronics of course.

It was a good day to bargain a little bit. I need to check where local people shop.   

View from my hostel

Near my hostel

TV buiding

What to see in Beijing

Toilet at the Tienanmen Square

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