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2013 October - Long Trip - China - Venice near Hangzhou

2013 October - Long Trip - China, Hangzhou

Today, I wanted to see what's near the last underground station - Xiangu.  The ticket cost 8 RMB and it took more than 1 hour. I planned to check if there is any bus to Chaoyang. I thought it might be one of the water towns.

Outside the underground I saw an add of The First World Hotel and a familiar tower behind it. I think it might be a copy of the tower from Venice - I found another water town. It was guarded but one gate was open without any security officer. The town reminded me Venice, buildings weren't copied but were built in Venetian style. Many canals, a tower at a square, lack of typical Chinese buildings.
Inside the town, many couples had their wedding photo sessions. 
After 20 minutes, one guard passed me, probably he waned to stop me but he didn't know how to inform me about it. He was back after 5 minutes, this time he knew what he should have done. He asked me to leave this place - at least, I thought he said so in Chinese.
It was a private, closed district - people paid for a quiet place to live with no visitors from outside disturbing them.

Nearby is Xiang Lake with  a recreation area, it was crowded again.  The place is only 12 km from Hangzhou city centre. At the moment they have here 20 scenic spots such as Polar Ocean Park, Xianghu Golden Beach, Kiasun Cultural Village and others. Soon it will have more hotels and four more leisure centres.

Around the lake were many couples and there were also special areas for after wedding sessions.

I did a part of the walk around the lake. Near the underground station is the Theme Park with a big wheel, a ghost house and other attractions for adults and children. 

My hotel was near the Wenze Road station. I found there a train ticket office. Normally, there is a big problem with tickets. Sometimes, they can sell tickets 3 days in advance only- eg. at Hangzhou East Railway station.They sold me tickets 7 days in advance. I was able to buy a train ticket for the route Chengdu-Xian despite the fact I was in Hangzhou, what seemed to be impossible. It helped that I checked different train options on www.travelchinaguide.com and compared it with options she offered me.  

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