Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013 October, Long Trip - China, Shaolin Temple

2013 October - Long Trip - China, Shaolin Temple  

That morning I had a trip to the Shaolin Temple. I heard that this temple is not the best one but personally, it was a 'must see' place for me.
A correct bus stop for number 18 is on the right when you face the train station,  400 meters further. It cost 20 RMB. There is a fake bus number 18 near the train stop on the left side. The fake one will take you to Denfeng from where  you need to take another bus to Shaolin.

The proper bus will take you directly to Shaolin Temple. I don't remember departure times.

Near the Shaolin are kung fu schools and I saw how they did the training. The entrance fee to the complex cost 100 RMB. The temple, as I was told before, wasn't the best one. But it was worth seeing it for me.
You have also two cable cars. I took one to the small summit. Nearby is a pagoda forest where they buried monks.

The last bus from Shaolin was at 5pm. At least, it is what I heart.

Street name of the correct bus stop
Welcome to Shaolin

Schools near the temple

kung fu school

Shaolin temple

pagoda forest

Let's do some training..

pagoda forest from cable car

Cable cars

Shaolin show

Shaolin show

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