Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013 October Long Trip - China - bikes

2013 October, Long Trip - China - bikes

I'm a member of CouchSurfing group. When I posted on their page that I have free time one girl from South Korea asked if she could join me. 
We met before midday. At my station, the underground was already full. On each station people tried to get on this train but without any luck. The first time I saw it so packed. 
One station before mine a lot of people left the train so I was lucky. I was 10 minutes late but she was late more for the same reason. She tried to take a taxi but the driver told that her the distance is too short and he wouldn't take her.
She was with a Chinese girl - I had a guide for that day :)
We rented bicycles. My Korean friend didn't now how to ride a bike so we took a tandem. I hope she liked it. The underground was full of people but what I saw around the West Lake was amazing:). 
Crowd of people blocked every path so we couldn't ride. The bicycle path was blocked too. Pedestrians were on the road too. It is hard to describe it.
I was lucky we decided to rent bikes not to walk. There was no chance to stop for a while, it was really crazy  A slow ride took us 2 hours. Our Chinese guide helped us with ordering food in the restaurant.
Everybody had an empty plate and we shared all dishes from the table. The food was delicious, especially meat.
That day I went to see music fountains on the lake too. I found a lot of street performers. The crowd was around me till the end of the day - welcome Chinese public holiday.

nuts from the lake

I want to ride my bicycle...


Lunch time

How to use it?

got you


West Lake

West Lake and a lot of people



street theatre

Angry birds :-)



  1. I still remember that day we rode a bike together! Nice breeze and beautiful lake even though many people ^ㅇ^ Me and my Chinese friends also watched music fountain show at night! Anyway you captured that moment well. AWSOME!! - Sumin

  2. Sumin, It was great time for me too.
    Take care.


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