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2013 October - Long Trip, China - Forbidden City

2013 October - Long Trip - China, Beijing - Forbidden City  

I stayed in Saga hostel. It was a cheap option but rooms weren't clean. They have shower, hot water and wi-fi and the price was good. When I arrived I realised that they are located in one hutong, an old part of Beijing.
My train was after 7am and in the hostel I was around 8:30. The underground works fine here. They prepared me a note in Chinese helping me to buy a BMAC - Beijing Municipal Administration & Communication Card which I bought it at the underground station. I paid 20 RMB deposit and I topped it up with another 20 RMB. When using this card on buses they charge you only 40%. 

As the weather was awesome with some sun. I visited the Forbidden City which is called The Palace Museum. On Mondays it is open only till 12:00. It is one way route from the West Gate to the east one. After some time I went to see gardens - Jingshan Park. The fee is 1 RMB and from the hill it is great view of Forbidden City. If I had time I would visit it once more before 10 am as from one platform was an incredible view. The sun needs to be behind you if you want to take a good picture.
I visited famous hutongs but the old one not for tourists.    

Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Forbidden City there was a bed inside:-)

Forbidden City - Panda group

Jingshan Park

Jingshan Park - view of Forbidden City


Beijing - Hutong

Beijing - Hutong

Beijing- Hutong

Entrance to underground

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