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2013 October, Long Trip - China, HuaShan

2013 October, Long Trip - China,  HuaShan

It was an another short night  during my trip as my fast train to Huashan was due at 8.00am from the North Railway Station.
It was a short trip, 120 km in 30 minutes. On the train I met a Chinese guy from Beijing who was going to the same place - Huashan.  He offered me a ride to the west gate. He decided to use a cable car from the east gate and I decided to hike.
The train costs 54.50 RMB one way - a bus is cheaper but needs more than 2 hours and departs later.
The entrance fee to the park is 180 RMB, a lot of money to enter a park with one mountain. It is very famous place but also very dangerous. 
I wanted to reach at least one summit and to try a Huashan Cliffside Plank Walk near the South Peak.
The weather wasn't good. Clouds, fog and rain.
After 4 hours I was near the North Peak. Once I got to the famous Plank Walk, the weather changed. The walk is incredible. Massive cliffs, space around me, awe inspiring and breathtaking views. Once I looked under my feet there was nothing and the ground was far far under me.
This walk costs 30 RMB, equipment provided was very old and didn't work as it should. There was a lot of people and it is a two way route. It was a good exercise when you had to pass someone else going into another direction.
I was there for only one day. The last train was at 8 pm.
It was the reason for taking a cable car. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to walk back to the North Peak so I took the new one from the West Peak. It is the most expensive one. It cost me 140 RMB and it left me far away from the town. Downhill was nothing except a special bus provided by the park costing another 40 RMB. If I had this knowledge I would have gone to the north peak where the cable car costs only 80 RMB and leave you at the east gate.
I paid 20 RMB for the taxi to Huashan North Station.

In the park they offer accommodation.  A ticket office is open 24 hours and thee route is lid at night. It is popular to climb it at night to see a sunrise on the top. 

Fast train (inside)

Fast train

Near the entrance to the park

Way to the entrance


Love padlocks

More stairs

Transport of goods to shops

A lot of stairs

And more..

... almost there

'Please take a picture with me' - I was asked many times.

Guess what? :-)

The Sky Walk

the Sky Walk, good weather

The Plank Walk

The Plank Walk was crowded too

Going down by a cable car

Bus stop

Near the Railway station

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