Sunday, November 17, 2013

2013 November, The Long Trip - Mt Fuji

2013 November, The Long Trip - Japan, Hakone Mt.Fuji

I will suggest to buy  Hakone Freepass valid for 2 days.  It costs 5000 JPY from Shinjuku.
If you buy tickets separately you pay around 6300 JPY for a circle route. If you go just to Hakone to stay in the town, it's not worth it. This pass can be bought at any Odakyu Line station.

It's only one of options to see Mt. Fuji from distance. 
I got to Gora where I changed my transportation for a cable car. From the second cable car I had a perfect view for Mt. Fuji. At the end I took a boat to Motohakone-ko (the last stop) from where I took a bus to Odawara and a train back to Shinjuku.

The pass allows you to hop on and hop off at any time. 
What amazed me most it was that they offered the first class for a boat ride. :) People got they own part of the ship. 
It is really worth to go there in the morning and stay till the last train.

Train from Shinjuku

Cable car

Mt. Fuji from cable car (on the left)

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji

A boat ride


  1. ej... no jaką Ty masz tam pogodę! ja się tak nie bawię - tu szaro i ponuro, zimno i wilki jakieś wyją...;)

  2. Oj Kasia, widzę, że jesteś najaktywniejszą czytelniczką:-)
    Co do pogody, no cóż - tu jest cieplej:-) i wilków brak..


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