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2011 April - Germany

One week in Germany
To get to the desired destination firstly you need go somewhere far, far away and then further – it is how it was with our trip to Germany.

We found cheap tickets to Girona and from Girona to Cochsted near Magdeburg in Germany.

Our trip began on Saturday morning, we had a flight to Girona where we spent only few hours and then we had another flight to Cochsted. 

We were there about 7 pm and Cochsted is a really small airport open only for Ryanair at the moment. From Cochsted we had a transport to Braunshweig  which is about 100km from there.

Braunschweig  is a nice typical German city with a town hall, old town and some churches.

There is a one monument which looks like a house - strange house but it isn't a house. Just two funny looking towers designed by one artist from New York called 'Rizzi-House'.

On Sunday morning we had a small tour in this city and we went to a zoological garden near Hanover close to A7 in Hodenhagen called Serengeti Park.

This place is really nice, you travel inside in your car or with a special jeep tour. It was fun because they weren’t prepared for the season, we needed to wait for a English folder with s map and of course noone speaks English. We got inside and had a tour. 

The most important thing is to be there in the morning because there is a zoological garden and quite big fun area. We had time to see all animals but other attractions were closed or just about to be closed. 

The zoological garden is divided by regions so you have there Africans regions, European ones, Australia,  and Asia. There is a possibility to  feed giraffes  so you can have open windows in your car. 

Also you can have a rest near ponies and roe deers but when you are in tigers area you need to be careful and you can’t open windows. We saw how monkey is able to catch car feeler and travel on the car roof.

Inside this big park you have many attractions for children and adults, there is an adventure park, small cars. All information in English you find there:
and you can also sometimes print one free ticket from website.

With animals we spent about 2 hours and rest of our time we spent walking inside others attractions.

Next day we took a car and went to Cologne. It was amazing when you live on a small island and then you move to such a big country, you can have safe speed on the motorway and you feel that you are not limited by the sea. J As always you have pluses and minuses.

Of course, to enter the city centre your car must have special environmental  category, cat4. This has probably something to do with pollutions and CO2 but our car had it so we parked near Cologne railway station and we went to see the cathedral. 

It is a really huge one.   It isn't richly decorated inside but it's worth visitting it. We decided to see treasury and then to get to the tower. Treasury is a really protected place and there is many gold objects. 

For me it was boring but if you are interested in that kinds of museum you will find your way.

The tower was great, stairs were twisted and narrow and I don’t know how many stairs there are. 

I saw only children which tried to count it. On  the top you feel wind around all your body and for people who have a acrophobia it is not good idea to go to the top.

On our way was Marburg, a small old student town where we had a nice evening walk. The old city is on the hill and it is amazing go to the top where is a small castle.

Here the medieval times are still tangible - you can see it, you can perceive it with all five senses.

We spent there about 2 hours in the evening walking and enjoying this magical place.

Our last day we spent in Braunschweig doing some shopping and relaxing.
Our flight home was to Girone where we needed to spend a night and in the morning we had our fly to Malta.

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