Sunday, March 9, 2014

Train in Sri Lanka

2014 February, The Long Trip - Sri Lanka, Travelling from Ella to Colombo

I woke up early as my train to Colombo was due at 6:40 am. I bought a second class ticket with reserved seat for 650 LKR (3.61e). The first class was sold for 1000 LKR (5.55e). All tickets were already sold out. The train went about 10 max 15 km/h so I had a lot of opportunities to take photos. It was an amazing and picturesque route from Ella to Kandy. The train went via tea plantations and on slopes with magnificent views. I saw a lot of women working at tea plantations. On the train it was possible to buy food and drinks once it stopped. The windows and doors were open. The train was delayed at the final station but it was great time for me. It would be a shame to miss it while travelling in Sri Lanka.  

Ella train station

The second class

Tea plantation


When the train is full

Tea plantation

After work - tea plantation

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