Monday, March 10, 2014

Chilaw and around

2014 February, The Long Trip - Sri Lanka, Chilaw

I met my friends in Negombo and we were travelling together for the following week. The first place we visited was Munneswaram near Chilaw (Hindu temples). As usually, we traveled by bus. The man selling tickets kept banknotes in a funny way. Near the temple there were people selling flowers, fruits, statues and so on. There is a buddha statue covered by a cobra to protect him from rain. In the second temple people were blessing food and ate it outside or took home. One cow ate leftovers :-)
Afterwards, we visited Chilaw. All shops and restaurants were closed as it was Sunday. It was really hard to find a place to eat something. By chance, we found a fish market and it was an interesting experience - especially for our nose. 

Selling tickets

Munneswaram temples

Munneswaram temples - inside

Munneswaram temples - blessing food

So true :-)



Chilaw - fish market

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