Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scotland March 2006

Hitchhiking to Scotland
It was March 2006 and I decided to come back to Scotland. I was there many times but always with a group of people and for work – I was organizing trekking trips in Scotland every year.
This time I decided to spend there a month and surely, hitchhiking all the way. I wasn’t in a hurry and with my experience and good maps I wanted to visit many castles in this beautiful country.
As usual, I started in Wejherowo city, about 50 km from Gdansk. I was alone but it wasn’t a problem for me. I can’t remember any strange or funny story about my way to UK. It was a really quick trip to Dunkerque and just before this city a truck stopped and the driver decided to take me on board if I buy him diner on the ferry – a meal for drivers  cost about £4.00 so it wasn’t an expensive trip for me because I didn’t pay for the ferry ticket. The ticket for the truck included 2 drivers. Soon, I was in Edinburgh again.  I was so happy walking through the Mile Street and visiting the Edinburgh castle. Friends of mine were studying in St. Andrew’s so it was the first place I planned to visit but Edinburgh was on my way. I stayed in Edinburgh for  two days. I had my own tent and I slept near the motorway A720

One day I decided to visit Roslin – a small town near Edinburgh where the last set of the ‘Da Vinci Code’ took place. It is a small and very cozy town but the main attraction is the Roslin Chapel. The chapel was built in 1446 and is covered with carvings of individual figures and scenes. In 1780 Sir Walter Scott visited the Roslin Chapel and wrote the ‘Lay of the Last Minstrel’, a poem about the engaging myth. Unfortunately, now, the chapel is covered with steal. This is to protect it from the sun, wind and rain but in my opinion, it looks really ugly. I paid for a ticket and went inside the area. Firstly, I walked on the steal construction – there is a special path for visitors and I walked around the chapel. When I entered  the chapel I was really impressed. Many details and a specific atmosphere were inside. This place is worth visitting.
From Roslyn I hitchhiked to St. Andrews. This is a lovely small, student town.
St. Andrews
I arrived to this town in the late evening when everything looks majestic and romantic. I saw a church and a castle ruins and I set my tent near the sea.
The next day, I decided to walk to Guardbridge where is the Old St. Andrews Bridge and a RAF Leuchars airport nearby. I walked to Cupar and before the Craigrothie there is a ‘Hill of Tarvit Mansionhouse and Gardens’ , a colourful place, a good one to have a rest but my lunch I ate near Scotstarvit Tower.
The whole evening I spent in St. Andrews.

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