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Scotland March 2006 Orkney

Way to Orkney
Next day, I was travelling through Aberdeen but I didn’t stop there. My destination was the SlainsCastle near the Cruden Bay. I was there in the evening so I walked around and when I found a good place for my tent I decided to stay there. My night was quite good, there was a strong wind and in my mind there were a lot of different imaginations. Maybe because of that, that this castle inspired Bram Stoker to write ‘Dracula’
The morning was not so bad, still windy but without rain. The castle was huge and abandoned but it was a good place to discover.


Following to the Orkney, my next stop was in the Balvenie Castle – Dufftown A920.
I spent here one night in my tent and as usual, in the morning, I visited this ruin. Near the castle there is the Glenfiddich Distillery.

I walked on a road no A941 and after 7th km there is another town Craigellachie where near the new bridge is an old bridge. On the Old Bridge, on 14 September 1994 The Queen’s own Highlander and the Gordon Highlanders met and sign of unity prior to the formation of the Highladers.
Another interesting place was near Forres and it was the Sueno’s Stone.

That was a long trip for me. In a few days I stopped in many places I got to the Castle Foulis which is a residence of Clan Munro. This castle is near Evanton 56 km from Inverness to the north.

When I was there some windows in the upper level were black and when I looked more carefully I spotted that they had been boarded up with no panes.  As on old man told me it was because many room haven’t been used anymore and the broken windows were replaced by wood and black painted.

The same day I arrived to the Skibo Castle – near Dornoch. This castle is a very expensive hotel managed by Carnegie Club. In December 2000 there were a Maddona’s wedding reception to Guy Ritchie. I was so lucky because from March 2008 this castle become a ‘member only’. So only club members and guests are allowed to stay and walk around. If you want to join the club, look here J
Another few days took me to arrive to Thurso from where I took a ferry to Orkney.

Orkney Island    
I am not a good writer, though I would really like to encourage to visit this island so I’ll describe it briefly. I decided to rent a car and 2 days were enough.

The first place was the Skara Brae Prehistoric Village. It was discovered because a big storm pounded the shore of the bay in 1850 leaving the buildings of a Neolithic settlement sticking up.
There are ruins of Earl Robert’s Palace in Birsay and on the way to Northtown there is the Italian Chapel which was built in a camp no 80. There are still wracks from the II World War. Near Orkney there was a Churchill Causeway – Barrier no 3. On Orkney there are Stones of Stenness and the Ring of Brogar, places which are not so famous as Stonehenge but during the sunset they look amazing.   

On the way back home I stopped in Culloden where on 16th April, 1746 The Gallant Highlanders fought for Scotland and Prince Charlie.

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