Sunday, May 20, 2012

2012 March Malta

Malta Independence Day
Independence Day celebration starts on Friday. Every year it is the same scenario – flowers and a parade to the monument, some events in Valletta.... This year together with the Independence Day, The Malta Jousting tournament was organised in the Fort Rinella. During this event an entrance to the fort cost 5 euro instead of 10 euro. We decided to visit this event and the Fort Rinella together with my friend. From Valletta there is only one bus to Kalkara – no.3 and it is once per hour. To check the schedule visit the arrive website
The tournament was great. The teller was a British guy and he was perfectly prepared for his role. He knew everything and he told stories without any problems and smoothly.

Firstly, they prepared two knights and he explained everything.
Next, on the small terrain they showed artistry of the knights skills.
There were a lot of people and only one problem we had it was the sun on our faces, if the sun will be behind us, that will be great.
The main attraction happened when the audience was ready and in a good mood. Two knights with lance fought against each other. It was a spectacular event and we really enjoyed our time.

During the break, we had time to visit fort.
The main attraction of this fort is a coal-fired gun which is able to send a one tone shell up to eight miles every 6 minutes.
There is a shelter open for visitors, a munitions depot and some other rooms. Every day, at 2 pm there is live firing of an original Victorian British Howitzer.
As the website shows, there are events every day, but as a museum there is nothing interesting inside – but this is only my opinion. 

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