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2011 December Italy


Pisa is a little nice city in Tuscany Italy. It is very famous because of a leaning tower which is a cathedral bell tower. Through Pisa flows River Arno.  As my local guide said the river’s width is the same as in Florence and the banks look the same in both cities.

This time I had all night to visit this colourful place.
My plane landed on the Pisa airport which is only a 20 min walk from the Pisa main railway station. From the station is another 20 min to the leaning tower. I met with my friend at the railway station and we walked to the tower.

Garibaldi Square

Now Pisa is a home of the University of Pisa and there are a lot of students there. There are many pubs, discos and karaoke places. There are a lot of old churches (about 20) and old buildings which create the unique atmosphere of the city.

The old city is surrounded by a wall and now it is occupied by students all the time.
Near the main railway station close to the St. Antonio’s Square there is a mural called ‘Tuttomondo’ painted by Keith Haring in 1989.

Tuttomondo in Pisa

The most important thing for me was to see a leaning tower. Bonanno Pisano started building this tower in 1174 and it was finished in the half of 14th century.

From 1 am till 5 am the cathedral square is closed and you can’t walk there.  
For sure I need to come back here during the day but in my opinion one day should be enough to see the city.

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