Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 October Malta, Floriana

Floriana open Day

On Sunday 23rd October 2011 there was an Open Day in Floriana. This is a small town before the capital city, Valletta.

My Maltese friend told me about this event because one of the attraction was a possibility to visit the Floriana Train Station at St. Philip’s Gardens. 

I know that there was a tunnel and the train station but I couldn’t find it.
All interesting information you will find on this vebsite:
I started near the Sarria church close to the crossing of Bugeja and Sarria street where is the Wignacourt Water Tower and the St. Philip’s Gardens. Firstly, we entered garden with our guide. On the left hand side there was a gate and afterwards the ramp started leading to the train station.

Our guide told us about everything but I was busy taking pictures. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very good. Below the ramp an old railway platform began followed by a tunnel to Valletta. There was still a lot of rubbish but I was really impressed by what they did. Inside the tunnel. 

There were wooden boxes, some railway equipment. In my opinion the tunnel is amazing and I hope that they will open it again.
There are also so beautiful gardens. We went there and from the forts we had a picturesque view. These gardens were originally private and in 1805 they were converted into a botanic garden and used for medical and surgical purposes and medicinal herbs were grown here.

Parish Church of St Publius. The church looks like many Maltese or Italian Baroque churches from inside everything is richly decorated. On this occasion we were able to visit the roof and it was the main attraction there. We visited a belfry and listened to the Maltese musicians who walk on the streets.

In the Police and Crime Museum we found an exhibition about Maltese crime history. In fact there were some really horrible murders. This museum is located on San Kalcidonju street. 

Below the museum there is the Wartime Emergency Underground Shelter which is quite impressive and big.

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