Sunday, January 15, 2012

2011 December Italy


As a low budget traveller I decided to walk to Treviso from the airport.
There is a pedestrian path from the airport to the city centre. From the airport I turned right and kept the right hand side. I walked less than 1 hour to the city and enjoyed views.

I had only 6 hours in Treviso. That’s way I decided to visit the city instead of a trip to Venice which takes 1 hour single way. I was already in Venice but I’ve never been to Treviso.

I took a map from the airport what helped me to get to the city centre.
I didn’t know that this city is so colourful. Inside there are few canals and many old buildings. 

The old part is surrounded by a wall. I found there few interesting buildings like The Duomo Cathedral and the church of St. Marry Supperior founded in 780. I was there before the Christmas time so I had a chance to visit a typical Christmas market.

Some of the old buildings are in bad condition but many of them look really nice.  

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