Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Wave Rock

2014 March, The Long Trip - Australia, Hyden

Yabby's Farm Owner recommended to me The Great Ocean Road, a circular route close to Esperance, 40 km long, with breathtaking views and amazing beaches on the way. It was definitely worth following it. I started from The Pink Lake Road we were familiar with. I double checked the Pink Lake again hoping it will be more pink than it was a day before. But it wasn't. The 11 miles Beach and The Twilight Beach were worth stopping.

Esperance didn't attract me. The deepest harbour in Australia allowed huge cruise ships to anchor inside flooding the city with thousands of tourists. 

On the way back, I stopped in Hyden famous for one rock in a shape of a 14 metres high wave created by gradual erosion of lower parts of the ground. Although, you need to pay the entrance fee of 10 AUD person, after 5 pm there were no guards. Everyone walked in freely so did I. The rock formation looked impressive. No wonder everyone wanted to surf on it posing for an interesting picture. After about 100 meters I spotted a wild wallaby, what was breathtaking. You could go to the top of the Hyden Rock following route markers. From the top I enjoyed the sunset over Australian plains. The Hyden Rock is also known to be the best spot for night star spotting and it really was. 

Hyden - story about the town

The Wave Rock


Ornate Dragon

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