Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Pink Lake which is no longer pink

2014 February, The Long Trip - Australia, Pink Lake

Albany which I visited early morning looked charming with old, one store buildings. Walking among narrow street you could easily see it was on of the first Australian settlements. I heart about The Natural Bridge and The Gap to be interesting places to visit nearby  but I had no clue how to get there. I stopped at one petrol station to ask for directions. Surprisingly, they gave me a free, tourists map with all small roads clearly marked. 

The Natural Bridge and The Gap weren't special but I found there a perfect spot for breakfast with amazing sea views. 

In the late evening I got to Esperance. The Pink Lake lies 3 km from the town but it's clearly marked. Unfortunately, the only thing I could see was a big information board explaining in which circumstances this salt lake is pink. This natural phenomenon is caused by one specific species of green algas and/or some other microorganisms. Lake colour depends on water salinity, temperature, light conditions which allows algas to accumulate the red pigment - beta carotene. Close to The Yabby's Farm, a camping ground where we stopped was another The Warden Lake which was actually more pink that the famous Pink Lake but yet not pink enough.

Welcome to Australia

Near the Gap

Natural Bridge

The Warden Lake

Australia :-)

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