Sunday, May 6, 2012

2012 April Malta

Easter on Malta
It was my third Easter here and every year I try to find something new or different. 


Thursday – Great Thursday.
This year my friends told me about famous stations of the cross in Siggiewi. As I had guests this time we rented a car and decided to go to Siggiewi. They told me that there would be a procession with candles to the Laferla Cross. We was in Siggiewi at 5 pm and we parked our car 5 min walk from the main square. I didn’t expect such a nice and amazing atmosphere. The candles were everywhere, from the church to the main square. There was a kind of a way illuminated by candles.

In the church there was a mass and we were waiting for the moment when the procession would start. After an hour I asked someone who took care of candles when the procession would start and he told me that it is an individual one and we could go to the Laferla Cros now. The way should have been illuminated till midnight. So we were waiting there for nothing. Some of my friends where tired so I drove home and left them at home and came back close to the way to the Laferla Cros. There were a lot of people and the way to the hill was illuminated as the guy said. In the half way from the town there was a small ‘rest place’. There were a ‘shops’ with drinks and foodJ The way up to the hill in some places is narrow and there were holdups and people needed to wait. On the way there were a few places where people could pray but only few did it. Mostly they went up, spent some time with a friends and came back. 


Friday - Good Friday,
Friday is a public holiday in Malta so all shops are closed and people should visit at least 7 churches. From 6 pm everywhere starts the Good Friday Procession. Someone told me that in Zejtun will be the best one but I was really disappointed with the procession there.
I knew that a good one is in Mosta so I went there and the procession was good like usually.

Sunday – Easter Sunday,
My friends told me also that on Sunday few towns organise a running procession with the statute of Jesus but maybe next year I can write something about this because I haven’t seen it yet.

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