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2012 March Malta Rabat

The Roman Village in Rabat

Entrance to the ‘Domvs Romana’

The ‘Domvs Romana’

19th March, on sunny Monday was the St. Joseph’s Day. This day the ‘Domvs Romana’ was open free of charge. As I am not a big fun of places like that so for me a ticket for €6.00 is too much. Students pay €4.50 including Euro<26, ISE, ISCI and ICOM card holders.
The Museum is open every day from 9:00 till 17:00

Arab cemetery

The first room

The Birds mosaic

This day it was an open day and I decided to visit this place. There were a lot of people, many of them were Maltese so I needed to wait a while before getting inside. From the outside the building isn’t too big. The main attraction is mosaic floors in the basement which are in a very good condition. They printed a ticket for me and I went inside.
The First chamber was a small one with some monuments and information about this place and about the Arab cemetery. Another small room presented domestic live on this period.

The Birds mosaic

An incredible mosaic
The Birds mosaic, which is the main attraction, was in other room, the Biggest one . I walked around the mosaic – there is a special pavement. On the left hand side, when I was close to the exit I saw another mosaic. Its condition wasn’t as good as the Birds one but, in my opinion, it was more interesting.
I spent inside around 30 min. Outside are some ruins but I don’t think that they will do something with them. As I am not a big fan of that kind of museums, if I paid for this I would be really disappointed. Though, this is my opinion.



Way out from the museum

St. Joseph day
As it was a St. Joseph’s day, in Rabat there was a feast. I was there when the music band was walking and playing in the narrow streets. The crowd was incredible. From the roofs people threw serpentines. That was a sunny day and there were a lot of people enjoying their day off. My day off was quite interesting especially because of the weather, another feast and a new place which I visited.

Street of Rabat

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