Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011 September - Zabbar Feast

The Feast of Our Lady of Graces in Zabbar
Another city, another feast, another wild celebration in Malta. It’s unbelievable for people from Easter Europe that parish holiday is a party. One must see it to believe. 

This time, the feast took place in Zabbar, a small town on south of Malta. In fact it’s the fourth largest city on this island with an archictectural gem, a sanctuary and even more impressive parish feast. There is also a museum with votive marine painting and other treasures. From ages, it was a places visited often by pilgrims. Nowadays, there are pilgrimages of cyclists from nearby Rabat ot Mosta as Our Lady of graces is the patron of cyclists.

Have a look how the first Sunday after 8th September is celebrated in Zabbar.
The sanctuary was lid by thousands of coulourful bulbs.
More than 20  stalls with Maltese nugats, food and toys.
Streets decorated with flags...

Two bands,two parties which competes and two colours, green and blue. It’s better to avoid them, especially on Sunday morning. 

Next year I need to visit teh feast on Sunday to see the youth marches and enormous umbrellas. Look at the atmoshere on the streets of Zabbar.
Green ...

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