Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 August - Malta

Mosta town is famous because of the church.  It is situated near the main street and everybody knows where it is. 

The church has a big dome. Maybe that’s why it is called ‘Mosta Dome’ by the Maltese. In the summer time when there are many tourists there is a man sitting near the door. If you haven’t got your shoulders covered he will give you a scarf to cover them.

Near the main entrance, on the left hand side, there is a sculpture of Giorgio Grognet de Vassee. You can see his sad face. The legend says that hi is sad because they didn’t paid him for building this church.
On 8th April 1942, a 200kg bomb pierced the church. Inside were 300 people. The bomb didn’t explode and now in the sacristy you can find a replica of the bomb. 

The sacristy is at the end of the church on the left hand side. And if you have a good eye you can find the place where the bomb destroyed the dome.
Unfortunately, in Mosta there is only this church. From Mosta Dome you can start your trip to the Dwejra – Victoria Lines or to the chapel of St. Paul the Hermit.

Chapel of St. Paul the Hermit
Last Sunday I decided to find a small chapel in the natural cave. I walked from Mosta church in the direction to St. Paul’s Bay.

On the last roundabout, after the ‘Targa’ bus stop I turned left. This is big road but in a bad condition and it goes to Naxxar. The last house is called ‘Aresca’ and the first building on the left hand side, which I passed, was the Art and Design Institute in the old Mosta Fort. 

The way took me about 15 min and I was on another roundabout before a big bridge. From the bridge I saw the small chapel. After the bridge I turned right and walked about 400m. 

On the right hand side there was a wall and before it started a small path going down. It was footpath with stairs and a concrete trail. It took me into a gorge. I was under a beautiful bridge and going to my target.

On the left hand side there was the Military Storage but it was above my way. The chapel is inside a big grotto. 

It was built in 1656. The main altar piece shows St. Paul the first hermit of Egypt and St. Anthony the Abbot. You can read the legend about this place from a piece of  paper on the window. 

Outside in the rocks there is a statue of St. Maria. The way back was the same. I just choose a different road to Mosta following the sight of a big dome of the Mosta church. 

This walk took me about 2 hours.

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